MINIONS – Early Premiere This Thursday Night!!

Bainbridge (in 3D at 6:30pm), Anacortes (6:40pm), Oak Harbor (6:25pm), Ocean Shores (6pm), Olympic (6:45pm), Stanwood (6:50pm)

MAGIC MIKE XXL – Now Playing!

Bainbridge and Stanwood Cinemas
Starts Friday at Oak Harbor Cinemas

Terminator: Genisys – Now Playing!

Bainbridge, Anacortes, Olympic, Stanwood, and Ocean Shores Cinemas

TED 2 – Now Playing!!

Olympic, Stanwood, Oak Harbor, and Bainbridge Cinemas

INSIDE OUT – Now Playing!

Bainbridge (2D & 3D), Olympic, Anacortes, Stanwood (2D & 3D), Oak Harbor, Admiral, Ocean Shores, & Varsity Theatre (2D & 3D)

Now Playing!

Bainbridge (2D & 3D), Stanwood (2D & 3D), Olympic, Anacortes, Oak Harbor, The Historic Admiral, and Ocean Shores Cinemas

ANT-MAN – Opens July 17th!
ANT-MAN – Opens July 17th!
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